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Window and roller shades get even better


Allan Michael Taylor

Drapes have been the most preferred type of window covering among homemakers for years. Lately, window shades have come abreast with curtains in popularity. The availability of more designs of shades to choose from has enabled the consumers not only to be more imaginative in home decoration but likewise to make functional choices as well.

Window shades come as an ideal choice for the homemakers who like some privacy and at the same time some convenient ways to allow sunlight in when desired or needed. Light control is likewise easy with many fabrics of choice from sheer material to room-darkening opaque fabrics.

Aside from this versatility, these window coverings, particularly the roller shades, provide the homemaker with the perfect solution to seeking ways to provide some character to the various rooms in a household . The many materials from which window shades are made of also ensure that these coverings will easily match any d cor in the home.

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Roller shades are also very suitable to any size or shape of window. These shades can be custom-made to fit a specific window design, and help brighten up the room’s interior design. There is a wide array of decorative trims and hems to choose from in designs of window shades, making them decorative and charming accents to home interiors d cor. In addition, there is a wide price range for window shades designs, allowing homemakers to choose those that fit their budget.

There are recent innovations in roller shades which have become a hit among the discriminating homemakers . These new designs are the cordless roller shades. These window coverings are very sleek because their slats can go up and down evenly. Being cordless, these roller shades are child-proof, as there are no cords dangling around that an innocent kid could toy with which could lead to tragic results.

The cordless window shades also provide better accent to the workmanship and pattern of the covering. There are no distracting cords dangling about to mar the shades’ design, contributing to their elegance. The system that enables the cordless roller shades is easy to use. In some models, a finger-operated tab is worked up and down and the shades already follow. This is definitely more convenient than grabbing a cord and fumbling with the right length by which to level the shades.

An even more advanced cordless window shades designs are those which are automated or motorized. The need for cords is eliminated by using motors which can be controlled through a keypad or a wall switch. Personal computer or remote control is also sometimes included in the mechanism which comes as convenience for lowering and raising roller shades in high skylights or inaccessible windows.

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