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By Sonia Jones

Farmers have discovered if they restrict the amount of food the animal is allowed for a few days, then for a few days the animals are allowed to eat as before. Farmers have found these animals go to market heavier than those who have been fed constantly! This is what most people do, restrict their food for a while (‘on a diet’) then go back to their normal eating habits (‘off the diet’).

The other interesting thing about fattening animals fed on raw food, animals where leaner and slimmer. However, fed the same foods, the same amount of food but cooked the animals became fatter!! Why? Raw foods are bursting with enzymes and many nutrients are left intact, that encourage weight-loss and health-gain.

Another successful way you can store more body fat is by lowering your metabolic rate. How and when does this happen and how can you avoid this? During a restricted diet, metabolism can be reduced by as much as 40%. The metabolism is the process of using energy for a whole host of functions within the body.

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Research shows that women dieters consume on average 410 fewer calories per day than non-dieting women, but burn fewer calories per day, than those who are non-dieters. That really doesn’t seem fair. Each diet lowers the metabolic rate a little more than the previous diet and takes longer each time for the metabolic rate to recover. I typically hear many dieters say, this time my diet isn’t working like it did the last few times. This is the point most people can relate to this as they have been on several diets and still need to diet.

An article written by Dr. Allen King called Obesity and Health, demonstrated how he put 500 of his patients on a 1000 calorie a day diet (many diets have people on this few calories). Six months later, the average patient lost 50lbs, success you would think or say. However, 3 years later these same patients have now gained an average of 60lbs – that is very depressing! For some it didn’t take as long as 3 years. Now the dieters are 10lbs heavier than before they started the diet! This is an all too common a story.

Other research shows that a restricted diet seems to reduce the activity of the thyroid gland by about 28% in only 6 weeks. Similar reductions have been noted in animals on a restricted diet. It is not worth it. It is important to remember what ever process made you overweight and unhealthy in the first place will have the same affect the next time and the next time. So going back to your old ways (as most people do), you will put the weight back on? We are such creatures of habit, we need to break our old habits and form some new ones, but it takes a little time and much effort. Most diets are designed on the quick-fix, quick-loss even though the results are most often short lived.

The same is true of any Pain Relief Program, changes in diet and lifestyle reduces or even eliminates pain but if they go back to their old ways, and their old habits the pain will return, sooner or later, but it will.

About the Author: Sonia Jones – I am a Brit living and working in Panama for the last five years. A naturopath, nutritional therapist and reflexologist with 20 years experience. A published author of three books. Owns her own spas and clinic, and launched her own natural organic skin care range. Married for 34 years – husband and business partner who is also an acupuncturist.


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Dentist Practice Management Economics Adviser’s Secret Weapon In Dental Marketing Business


Ed O Keefe

In this article, dentist practice management economics adviser Lloyd Irvin will share to you his secret weapon in dental marketing business. The dentist practice management economics adviser will tell you why he loves this secret weapon above all else in the business. And the dentist practice management economics adviser will also share to you the advantages of using this weapon so that you will be able to achieve success in your business. And this is something that we focus specifically at our dentist practice management website!

The dentist practice management economics adviser’s secret weapon: SEO

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As a dentist practice management economics adviser, the secret weapon that I love in the business is definitely SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). What I’m always excited with SEO are the price points that are far less than what you’re doing. With my e-mail, I’m always excited about the $15,000.00 or $20,000.00 case size; because if I were a dentist, and I know what to do with SEO, using every key word that has anything to do with any of my business (local or national), then I’ll be number 1 and I’ll dominate the search engines, and the majority of the traffic will come to me! In here, if you know what you’re doing, then it’s like getting free money! And the good thing also is that if you know what you’re doing, it gets better and better with time! Your job is to get into the free search engine site, and lock your place in so no one can ever come back behind you and bump you down.

Like my personal friend who does importing/exporting in China, he’s number 1 the majority of the time. He’s a very, very highly competitive marketer. I mean, smart people are working as smart as they can! While he stays at the number 1 spot, he does $4 million a month. When he goes to the number 7 spot, he goes to $80,000 a month. Now, you understand how important it is for him to try to maintain the number 1 spot, right? And anywhere in-between the money is as crazy; one month he’ll do $4 million… and if somebody bumps him down to the number 2 spot, he’ll do $2 million. And that’s a lot of money to lose, so they’re always focusing on it. So it’s the same thing for you in your business: as a dentist practice management economics adviser, what I always tell people is that if you’re not on the front top 10 page, or you’re on the front 1st page, and you’re website is not converting, you’ll know that you’re losing money! If you get $20,000.00 a month, then you’re losing a lot of money. It’s like going to your bank account and someone’s taking $20,000.00 out per day! Conceptually they are, it’s just that you don’t feel it!

Now, what most people do is that they get one website, then they put that one website up. And I see some people are on the front page, and then I even try still. Why? It’s because they’re so small, it’s not competitive, and no one’s really working! If you can get into the front page without even trying, and somebody decided to look on a low level, why not put up 2 websites? Or 3 websites? Or perhaps 4 websites? If you have 4 websites that are on the front page, then you are now in for the top 10 positions! So as a dentist practice management economics adviser, what I tell people is that any local business that uses this advanced strategy in their businesses or their market will dominate for a long time (no matter who comes along). The reason why I can tell you for a long time is because you want to position yourself and think of it as a war, because if you get a number one ranking, and somebody comes back behind you and knows these strategies, and you’re not doing it to the fullest, then the next thing you know is that you get bumped! And they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, it’s hard to maximize because they’re really doing good. So use SEO as a secret weapon in order for you to gain the number 1 spot in your business at all times… and defeat your online competitors!

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